Summer internship in a Construction Zone

Over the summer I worked as an Architectural intern with Griffith Architects in their Chico California Office.

summer intern lsd

I had decided that a summer internship would be the perfect way to gain industry experience, valuable connections and further my skill set. Griffith Architects provided me with everything I could have hoped for.From day one I was welcomed as if I was apart of the team and over the summer I assisted on numerous projects while supervising over two projects, which were already in the construction phase.

Because of the small size of the team at Griffith Architects the experience and knowledge I gained covered everything from starting a project to the processes to getting it finalized. I learnt tricks of the trade when it comes to rendering and modeling 3D object, how to arrange books and boards to submit to the city and even installing concrete sinks onsite.

David Griffith and Jon Couch create an awesome team and always had time to answer any questions I had. I really appreciate the time and help they have given me; the amount I have learnt over my time in Chico is enormous, but most importantly everything I learn benefits everything I will do in the future, whether it be academically or professionally. 

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